Beddis Beach is by far the most popular beach access. Located at the southernmost end of Beddis Road , this lovely shell beach has parking access, easy launching for kayaks, and great views of Sidney and Portland Islands , as well as the ferry routes. A very relaxing and scenic place to spend an afternoon!

Walker ‘s Hook (pictured at left) is located on the eastern side of the island, bordering on Trincomali Channel. The easiest ocean access is at Fernwood Dock, a government pier perfect for launching small boats and fishing. The beach is shallow and when the tide is out, it makes for great beachcombing. Watch BC Ferries pass by at the south end of the channel, and enjoy the spectacular beauty of arbutus and evergreen trees that rim the beach. The drive on North End Road is particularly spectacular.

Vesuvius Bay, on the western side of the island, is Salt Spring Island’s warmest salt water swimming beach, and the location of the Jan 1 st Polar Bear Swim. At low tide, the sand is warmed by the southwestern sun, and creates a hot sink to warm the waters when the tide returns. Also, it’s a great place for viewing sunsets!

Salt Spring is known for its many fresh-water lakes, popular swimming spots throughout the summer! St. Mary’s Lake (pictured at left) is the largest, providing the North End of the island which much of its drinking water, and a great trout fishing spot. Cusheon Lake is one of the best swimming spots. With its small size, sandy bottom, and large diving dock, it’s a favourite for all ages. Blackburn Lake is one the smallest and warmest, fed by unusual underwater springs. Stowell Lake in the South End also has diving docks, and can be quite warm in summer.

Salt Spring Island Beaches

(See description of beach access below)

Salt Spring’s shoreline is varied and beautiful. It offers a wide variety of activities with sandy beaches, rocky shores with tidal pools to explore, shell beaches for beachcombing, sports for boat launching, wonderful vistas, and perfect places to cool off in the water.

Most of the accesses to the ocean on Salt Spring are located at Ministry of Transportation (MoT) right-of-ways. While there are several hundred MoT accesses on Salt Spring, a smaller number of these are safely accessible to the public.

Once you have reached the beach, the shoreline is for public use up to the high water mark. Unless stated otherwise, the beaches have no facilities.

Please respect nearby private property, and the natural state of the shore. Remember to take your garbage with you.

Beaches are numbered clockwise from the north.


  1. Arbutus Road
    Access to the beach is at the foot of the road. Lots of tidal pools, and eroded “sandstone lace.”
  2. Southey Point Road
    Access to the beach is at the end of the road. Great variety of intertidal rocks.
  3. Jack Foster Trail (west) parc
    Access is on Southey Point Road at the junction of Sunset Drive. A few meters up the road on the right there is a trail marker which indicates the start of a 45 minute trail to a pebble beach. A wide peaceful beach, covered in shells, with a great view of Wallace Island .
  4. Jack Foster Trail (east) parc
    Approximately 10 km northwest of Ganges at the junction or North End Road and North View Place . Hiking time is approx. 10 minutes, one way. Limited beach access.
  5. Hudson Point parc
    Off North Beach Road, north of Fernwood Dock. A boat launching ramp over tidal sand flats.
  6. Fernwood Point
    Government Wharf off Walker Hook Road.
  7. Foot of Maliview
    This is one long beach that has accesses all along North Beach and Walker Hook Roads. A great spot to watch sea birds and take long walks along the shoreline.
  8. Grantville Street
    There is only a small amount of parking at the end of the street in the Walker Hook area. A good spot to see the teeming tidal flats behind Walker Hook.
  9. Beachside Drive parc
    There is a park at the end of Beachside; follow a short trail to the beach and relax with the view of sailboats, and Long Harbour . Features: A lovely wide sand and shell beach great for the whole family.
  10. Ontario Place
    Access is at the foot of the south end of Beachside Drive . There is plenty of room for parking and boat launching.
  11. Long Harbour/Welbury Bay Park parc
    Access to the shore is beside the ferry staging area. Look for the path which is marked by two rock cairns a few meters up Scott Point Drive on the right. Features: A steep rocky beach which can be explored at both Long Harbour and Welbury Bay . The south end of the 4-acre park has a small low bank beach – very pretty.
  12. Churchill Road parc
    Located at the end of the road. A small sandy beach with a great view of Ganges Harbour .
  13. Rotary Maritime Park parc
    Located in downtown Ganges , this landscaped park overlooks the harbour. Small dock can be used for kayak and dinghy launching.
  14. Price Road
    Look for a narrow grass road about 200 meters long between two houses (about 100 metres beyond the junction with Cottonwood Road ). A shell beach and at mid to low tide, a pleasant beach stroll.
  15. Beddis Beach parc
    Access is near the end of Beddis Road ; it is marked with a small sign. The adjacent park provides on-road parking and a toilet. One of the island’s most popular beaches for sunning and splashing.
  16. Ruckle Provincial Park
    The entire shore of Ruckle Park is great for walking on logs, beachcombing or walking. A small cove north of the picnic area is great for swimming.
  17. Eagles Road
    A secluded area at the end of the road off of Forest Ridge Road . There is limited parking, but it is a nice area with a view of Swartz Bay .
  18. Seabright Drive
    Access is at the foot of Seabright, off of Menhenick Drive , then a short climb down to the beach. A pretty and sunny pocket sand beach with views of
  19. Russell and Portland Islands .
    Drummond Park ( Fulford Hall Committee / parc )
    Located on the southwest shore of Fulford Harbour . It’s a popular family beach for sunning and beachcombing. An add feature is a petroglyph. The park provides a children’s adventure playground, picnic tables and a pit toilet facility.
  20. Isabella Point Road
    Look for a road side pull-off approximately 1.5 km down Isabella Point Road . Access to a wide sandy stretch along the southwest side of Fulford Harbour.
  21. Musgrave Landing
    A bit of a challenge to reach overland. You may need a 4×4 vehicle to access by road. A wonderful place to explore! Nice sunsets.
  22. Burgoyne Bay
    Park your vehicle near the government dock at the foot of Burgoyne Bay Road, then climb down on the left of the dock to the long, wide sandy shore. Usually calm waters provide a peaceful atmosphere for a long walk.
  23. Erskine Bay
    Follow Collins Road to the very end, where Maxwell (a.k.a. Cranberry) creek flows into the sea. Lots of room for parking and boat launching, swimming and exploring. Terrific afternoon/evening beach with wonderful sunsets.
  24. Booth Bay
    Access is at the foot of Baker Road , then down a flight of stairs. A wide sunny beach popular with sunbathers, beachcombers and clam diggers.
  25. Quarry Drive Park parc
    Located near the end of Quarry Drive in Vesuvius, this 2-acre beach front park is accessed by a 10-minute trail with some steep inclines to the beach just north of Booth Bay.
  26. Vesuvius Bay
    Another popular family beach close to the facilities at Vesuvius Bay . Park on Langley Street then go down a flight of stairs to the beach. Amateur geologists will find some deeply inclined rock strata to study. Warmer ocean waters make it a good spot for swimming. Great sunsets!
  27. Zadra Road parc
    Hard to find access off Sunset Drive, just south of Sir Echoes Road. Pleasant 300 meter stroll to west-facing ocean bay.
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